Best Bibs of 2021: Which Bibs Do I Need For My Baby?

Best 2021 Bibs:
Which Bibs Do I Need For My Baby?

1. Clean bib

These bibs are made of a waterproof fabric so lightweight, your baby won’t even know they’re wearing a bib! Most Cleanbib features an easy on/off hook and loop fastening system and a catch-all pocket. It wipes down easily to be re-used for the next meal!

Material: Taffeta

When should I use it: Clean bibs are ideal for messy eaters. They protect your little one’s clothes from big messes at mealtime.


Super lightweight – Won’t bother your baby!

Quick dry – Just rinse and dry

Complete coverage

CleanBib | Taffeta Feeding Bib 👏

2. Bandana bib

The softest and most absorbent to wipe your little ones teething drool! The bandana droolbib will catch all the drips, bubbles, and drools during teething!

Material: 95/5 cotton/lycra
When should I use it: Bandana bibs are perfect for drooly infants.

baby in bandana bib

Super soft


Catch all the drips

Bandana Bibs | Cotton Drool Bib 🥰

3. Silicone bib

The stylish silicone is made of super soft food-grade silicone offered in a variety of playful colours. Lightweight for a comfortable fit and reusable after each meal! Most of them come with catch-all pocket. Adjustable neckline offers parents flexibility as your child grows. 

Material: food-grade silicone
When should I use it: Silicone bibs are ideal for busy parents, you can wash them up easily with your dishwasher.

silicone bib


Dishwasher safe

Adjustable neckline

SiliBib | Silicone Feeding Bib




Out of this World

4. Chew bib

The Chew Bib combines the protection of a drool bib with the convenience of a built-in teether. Soft, flexible and textured premium silicone teether attached at the end.

Material: cotton, silicone
When should I use it: The perfect bib for drooling and teething babies!

baby chewing chewbib

Built-in teether


Catch all the drips

ChewBib | Cotton + Silicone Teething Bib 💕

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